Areas of Expertise



A system to monitor pollination events, thus, efficiency, in different crops using imagery, automatically.

FRUIT recognition 

COUNTING & sizing in

real time

A system to count fruit in real time on the very harvester, as a way to have a heatmap on yield for every lot.

FLOWER feature 


System aimed to recognize between different types of flowers, and between bud, maturity and exhaustion 

swine recognition & inventory

System that allows to monitor shapes and sizes in swine cattle and helps with inventory

Machine learning

We use different techniques and frameworks within ML to tackle challenges that involve predicting results from variable or complex scenarios.



We use what's best and cutting edge in image technology and we work with the best graphic processing platforms like Nvidia, GoPro, Intel.

IoT (internet of things)

We have experience with IoT technology, embedded software, communicating between devices and integrating with cloud systems. 


We can develop our own hardware or combine different third-party devices for rough environment conditions like the farm type

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